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City and government

City and government

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House District 28

Residents of Wasatch Hollow are in Utah State legislative district 28. Our current Representative is Brian S. King. Rep. King is currently House Minority leader and has served the district since January 1, 2009. Rep. King occasionally visits the Council meetings to keep the community updated on what is happening in the legislature. Rep. King has also offered a standing invitation for any of his constituents to join him on the floor of the House while they are in session to experience what it’s like to be part of the governing process. If you’d like to join Rep. King on the floor of the house, contact him to make arrangements.

King can be contacted via email at: For further information, please visit Rep. King’s website.

Council district 5

The area of the Wasatch Hollow Community between 1300 E and 1600 E and Emerson Ave and 1300 S is part of City Council District 5.

Our City Council District 5 Representative is Darin Mano.

For more information visit the District 5 website.

Council district 6

The majority of the Wasatch Hollow Community Council is represented by Dan Dugan.

For more information, visit the City Council District 6 website.

Senate District 4

The Wasatch Hollow Community is assigned to Utah Senate District 4. Our current Senator is Jani Iwamoto. Sen. Iwamoto has served District 4 since January1, 2015.

Sen. Iwamoto can be contacted by email at:
For more information on Sen. Iwamoto please visit her website.

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